Mar 30, 2012

To lip, or not to lip?

Considering getting my lips done. By this I mean injectable fillers. I love the smooth look, the natural pout.
Not sure what the difference is between the Collagen and the Hyaluronic Acid is. Any tips?? Have you had yours done??

Im thinking something like this

NOT like this

Mar 29, 2012


Friends of our have recently opened up 2 cafes. One in the Sydney CBD and one in the new dining precinct Darling Point. We are so proud of them, they have worked hard to get them opened.

Last week we attended their launch party, and boy did we have fun! The event was a huge success. There were antipasto tasting platters and delicious passionfruit cocktails flowing all night. Live music was playing, people were dancing, not to mention the Ferrari and Lamborghini that were parked at the front!

You can read more about Janus here, or visit their website Janus Sydney.

Here are some pics of the night.

Yeeeah im a bit of a poser

Yummy Passionfruit cocktails

Mar 28, 2012

Hey Flapper!

On the weekend we had a black and gold dress up party to go to... I struggled to think of a costume, left it until last minute to actually buy something.

This is what I came up with.

A 1920's Flapper!

Check out Mr. Oscar in the background! Such a cutie =)

Mar 20, 2012


So I have been MIA now for a bit.. To be honest, I just haven't felt the motivation to post anything in a while. I haven't really been doing much, nothing exciting has been happening in my life, and im not into posting just for the sake of posting.

Life seems to be progressing every day the same as the previous day, wake up, go to work, come back from work, cook dinner, clean a bit, watch a bit of tv with hubby, go to sleep. See? Nothing motivational or creative in that is there? 

BUT, now, im BACK! A good friend of mine is pregnant, and hubby and I are the godparents =) Such fantastic news! I have the honour of hosting and organising the baby shower. Im so excited to get all creative with it. The date we have planned is Sunday, 3 June. So not that long to go really. Our friends are going to find out the sex of the baby, so we are waiting on that so that we can pick a theme. 

I was originally planning on having the baby shower at my mother in laws place considering they have such a big backyard, but my friend advised me the other day that her guest list is at about 70 guests. There is now way I can host a group of 70 In my mother in laws backyard, its not big enough for that many. So now im stuck! I was hoping to not have to search for a venue as that will mean it will cost big bucks. Its winter, so it cant be outdoors, and I cant ask guests to pay for themselves... help anyone? 

But on a positive note, here are some pics that are motivating me to plan the cutest baby shower ever! 

Mar 6, 2012


My iPhone has an unusually high number of pictures of food....  

My version of an omelette - salami, cherry tomato, olives, mozzarella cheese 

Green tea with homemade coconut macaroon biscu
Healthy salad and a glass of red - YUM!

Homemade pizza and salad

Antipasto at one of my fave bars - Janus

Lunching at Thairiffic at Westfield Sydney

Homemade bread fresh out of the oven
Made by my mum =)

Chocolate & strawberry pancakes 

French toast with strawberries and banana
topped with vanilla and cinnamon syrup
Cob loaf with spinach and cream cheese dip
Naughty Mr. Oscar chilling out on top of our empty pizza boxes! 

Mar 3, 2012


Saturday night quickie with Ryan Gosling..

This post could go on forever because Ryan is a babe in every photo.. I would have his babies any day of the week!

Mar 1, 2012

Its in the metal

Every fashion blogger and their dog have been posting pictures and articles about metal tipped heels, collars, clutches.... Well, its taken me this long to decide whether I like them or not, and.. I do. I really do like metal tipped stuff.

I blame my decision making process on being a Libra (the scales). Why do I always have to see both negative and positive of everything? Why cant I just see something and think "yep, thats great, I have always needed metal tipped stilletos"? Ahhh the dramas of being me! Ill continue my self character critiquing in private. In the mean time, I leave you with my favourite metal tipped shoes.

Gianmarco Lorenzi - Biker Troncetto

Gianmarco Lorenzi - Blue Suede Boot

Gianmarco Lorenzi - Black neckline

Christian Louboutin - Asteroid