Oct 31, 2011

Review: T-dimension

Who: T-Dimension, www.t-dimension.com

What: An on-line digital photography equipment seller

Where: Based in Hong Kong, this online company ships worldwide

Product Purchased: I purchased Nikkor Lens: AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR, T-Dimension brand camera bag no. 6 and Hoya Pro1 Digital Filter Circular PL 52mm. 

Cost: The total cost including express shipping with DHL cost me A$195.59. The lens cost A$125.18, the filter cost A$40.63, the bag A$10.10, International priority shipping A$19.68.

Shipping: I placed my order AEST 16:30, on 27 October 2011. I received my order AEST 09:00, on 31 October 2011.

My opinion: A colleague at work recommended this website to me. Her husband uses it to purchase his photography equipment so I thought I would give it a go. Their website it very user friendly and you can find what you are looking for quite easily. Their prices are competitive  compared to other on-line photography equipment seller such as www.topbuy.com.au. The thing that caught my attention was the different options I had to choose with the shipping. The fact that I could choose how I wanted my item to be shipped was a real bonus. The cost to choose International Priority Shipping over Standard Shipping was minimal. As soon as I placed my order and paid for it using paypal, I received a confirmation email. On Saturday 29 October 2011, I received an email from t-dimension letting me know that my order had been shipped and provided me with the tracking number that i could use on the DHL website. This morning, at 09:00, my package arrived. What a way to start the working week! 

My lens arrived complete with an English written manual, and a 1 year International warranty. The lens was packaged in its original casing with security tape. The camera bag is what i expected for a cheapy. its not the most amazing quality, but considering i currently have no bag for my camera, something is better that nothing. 

Would I recommend it: Yes, I will definitely be checking out this website again when looking to purchase more photography equipment/accessories. The cost & speedy shipping has put a smile on my face. 

The package that arrived on my desk this morning =)

Lens box

The lens and the manual 
The Hoya C-PL filter -52mm
T-Dimension bag no. 6

Oct 28, 2011

Casual Friday outfit

Here is today's casual outfit.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Tomorrow is the day I spoil my sister with a "Chocolate Lovers High tea" YAY!

Necklace - Diva, Top - Guess(USA), Singlet- Supre

Tights - Supre, Wedges- ALDO (USA)

Oct 27, 2011

Excitement PLUS!

A couple of things that I am excited about:

  1. Taking my sister to The Water Bar at Blue Hotel in Woolloomooloo for her birthday on Saturday. We are booked in for a "Chocolate Lovers High Tea". I cant wait to try all their yummy chocolate treats. Ill make sure to take pictures and do a separate post next week
  2. Receiving my new lens from tdimension  for my Nikon D90. Finally I will be able to start using it and posting up proper pictures. I will need to sell my old lens that I never use
  3. Starting to sell all my old clothes on eBay
  4. Summer nights on my balcony sipping on a delicious Moscato - Brown Brothers preferably 
  5. Twilight - Breaking Dawn to be released on November 17
  6. New Ikea opening at Tempe!

Oct 26, 2011

Top 9 - Women's perfumes

My fave!


Last night was the season finale for Australia's Next Top Model, unlike last years error when Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner, this season finale was great!

The Australian public got to vote, and the winner was Montana! She was my favourite right from the beginning. Such a beautiful and natural beauty.

The winner receieved: a modelling contract with Chic Model Management. She will also receive a cover and fashion spread in Harper's Bazaar and twenty thousand dollars in cash from U By Kotex. She will also receive a Ford Fiesta and an overseas trip to NYC to meet with Next Model Management.

Here are some pics of Montana throughout the show:

Here is the Harpers Bazaar cover that will be on stands next week!!

Oct 25, 2011

Optimism 101

OK, now that im over my little hissy fit from this morning where I believed that the world was ending and my life was doomed (yes, I know, this seems a bit extreme), im reading to post something more fun!

Yesterday I went with my hubby to the tattoo parlour so he could add some more detail to his back tattoo (hubby's tattoo's deserve a post to themselves considering how many he has). While I was there, I got to thinking about how much I want another tattoo.

I got my first tattoo, a cross, when I was only 19 years old. It was just a plain cross tattoo with my family initials around it. When I was 22, I added a pattern around it so that it wasn't so ordinary looking. Now I think im ready for something more. The only thing that is stopping me from getting another tattoo is the judgement that I will receive from it. From my mum, my dad, my sister, friends, work colleagues, people walking down the street - anyone really. I admire that my hubby really doesn't care about what other people think of him.

I always seem to consider other people's thoughts before myself. I think about if my parents will be disappointed that I got another tattoo (probably thinking my hubby influenced me), or if other people will like the design.

I think I need to stop thinking so much and just do what makes me happy... Who cares what other people think! Right?!

Here are some images of designs that I like:


Yep, today is one of those days!

This is what is on my mind today:-

  1. Wondering how people my age run successful businesses, and how they can motivate me to do the same? 
  2. Thinking about my future and where life is taking me? 
  3. In today's world, how do I find financial stability?
Hmm.... I think I need a holiday!

Oct 21, 2011

I got sunshine

At the end of the year we are going on a holiday with 3 other couples. We leave Sydney on the 27 Dec 2011 and return 3 Jan 2012. We are going to the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. We have rented a house for 7 nights. We decided that for our New Years Party we would have a costume party with the theme of television or movie. I have been trying to think of a costume for months, and then yesterday - Kapow! It struck me - finally - the Gods have spoken to me - whispered it so softly in my ear "C.J Parker from Baywatch"... It was so simple.. Gold Coast will be hot weather, the house has an amazing pool, I didn't want to wear anything that required me to wear lots of layers, or that required a lot of effort.

My only dilemma is if I should risk buying the whole costume from eBay or putting it together myself. Cost does not worry me so much as the fit of the one piece bikini.

Here are my options:

1. eBay - This will cost me about $60.00. The only downside is that im not sure how long it will take to import into the country as its in the UK. I know that sometimes it can take really long to arrive.
costume from eBay

2. Purchase all items separately - This will cost over $100. The disadvantage to this would be hoping that once I have everything that it all matches OK

Let me know what you think?!

The beauty that is RHW

I feel like I really need someone to explain just how beautiful this woman really is, because its kinda unbelievable that one person can look like this... Definitely one of my top 5 most beautiful women!

Oct 20, 2011

No Hat, No Play

I have my eye on some hats now that we have all this sun shining on Sydney

hatworld.com au - $29.00

ROXY - on sale $17.99

ASOS - on sale for $9.91

ASOS - on sale now for $9.91