Oct 6, 2011


So I thought that lasts nights dinner went pretty well. It wasn't a great triumphant success, but it wasn't too bad. Wish I had taken some pics to show you what it all turned out like..

My Entrée was a pecorino tomato, bocconcini and spinach pastry. I used filo pastry which in the future I will know not to use as it was to thin and delicate and also got mushy from the juice of the tomato as it cooked. I will have to try this again using puff pastry sheets.

The main meal which was Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana turned out great. The chicken breast was fresh, and the tomato sauce with olives went really well with it. The melted cheese on top was heavenly! I paired this with some white steamed rice, and a vegetable salad. I tried something new this time and added pomegranate to the salad. It was a hit! my guests loved that extra touch, not to mention how great the colour of it looked against the green vegies.

For dessert I made waffles with melted chocolate, vanilla ice cream and raspberries! I didn't get to try this as I am on a diet, but my guests certainly loved it (one even licked the plate clean, haha!). The waffles were ready made, frozen waffles that I bought at the supermarket. I defrosted these in the oven until they were warm, I melted a block of cadbury milk chocolate, and used it as a light spread over the waffles, I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream, garnished with raspberries and drizzled chocolate over the ice cream... It looked sensational! I was very proud of my dessert.

The next thing I have on my mind is to hold a high tea for my girl friends on a Sunday morning. The weather will hopefully getting better now that its Spring. I'm thinking of all sorts of yummy recipes to try for pastries and jams.. will keep you updated when I figure out the date and time of this.

I will leave you with a pic of my inspiration for my high tea x

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