Oct 27, 2011

Excitement PLUS!

A couple of things that I am excited about:

  1. Taking my sister to The Water Bar at Blue Hotel in Woolloomooloo for her birthday on Saturday. We are booked in for a "Chocolate Lovers High Tea". I cant wait to try all their yummy chocolate treats. Ill make sure to take pictures and do a separate post next week
  2. Receiving my new lens from tdimension  for my Nikon D90. Finally I will be able to start using it and posting up proper pictures. I will need to sell my old lens that I never use
  3. Starting to sell all my old clothes on eBay
  4. Summer nights on my balcony sipping on a delicious Moscato - Brown Brothers preferably 
  5. Twilight - Breaking Dawn to be released on November 17
  6. New Ikea opening at Tempe!

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