Oct 21, 2011

I got sunshine

At the end of the year we are going on a holiday with 3 other couples. We leave Sydney on the 27 Dec 2011 and return 3 Jan 2012. We are going to the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. We have rented a house for 7 nights. We decided that for our New Years Party we would have a costume party with the theme of television or movie. I have been trying to think of a costume for months, and then yesterday - Kapow! It struck me - finally - the Gods have spoken to me - whispered it so softly in my ear "C.J Parker from Baywatch"... It was so simple.. Gold Coast will be hot weather, the house has an amazing pool, I didn't want to wear anything that required me to wear lots of layers, or that required a lot of effort.

My only dilemma is if I should risk buying the whole costume from eBay or putting it together myself. Cost does not worry me so much as the fit of the one piece bikini.

Here are my options:

1. eBay - This will cost me about $60.00. The only downside is that im not sure how long it will take to import into the country as its in the UK. I know that sometimes it can take really long to arrive.
costume from eBay

2. Purchase all items separately - This will cost over $100. The disadvantage to this would be hoping that once I have everything that it all matches OK

Let me know what you think?!

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