Feb 28, 2012

Weekend that was

I had such a lovely weekend with my family and friends.. Friday night I cuddled at home with my hubby, Saturday  I was at the beach with my sis, Saturday night went for massages and dinner with my girls, and on Sunday we had a picnic with my family.

Did I mention that I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy this weekend? Talk about a successful weekend!!

Here are some pics of the weekend that was...

My beach essentials! Love Marie Claire, best magazine! 
Breakfast for 1 on Saturday as Hubby was at work.
Bacon, roast tomato, scrambled eggs,  pita bread & ajvar
(Macedonian spread made from capsicum & eggplant.... YUM)
Being silly at the beach with my sis - Love you! 
Yep, enjoying the sun =) 
My hubby's breakfast I made him on Sunday
Cinnamon French toast with mixed fruit and honey
He scoffed this down in 2 minutes.. He really enjoyed it =) 

Hey Mr Oscar,
Your so naughty for falling asleep on the coffee table, you know
your not allowed there. But your so damn cute!
Love, your mumma xo

Feb 23, 2012

Real v Fake

I have had acrylic nails on and off since I was 16 years old. I can never decide which I like best, and my poor nails pay for it! When I get my acrylic nails applied I always wonder how i lived without them, and then when I have had enough, I rip them off (ouch) and wonder why I ever put my nails through it. 

Just the thought of sitting at a nail salon every 3 weeks to have my nails done bores me to tears.. Not to mention the cost of getting the acrylics done... But then, the end result, lush long, shiny nails.. If you get  a good nail artist that is.. 

Lets not forget to mention how easily real nails can chip, the nail polish can peel, and then you can be stuck re painting them every few days (especially if you clean as much as I do, then real nails are just useless), but lets also mention the joy of growing all your nails the same length, giving yourself a manicure and practically walking around shoving your nails in the face of strangers so they can also appreciate them.. 

Yeah, I know, first world problems.. But anyway, let me know what you prefer.. real or fake? 

Real Nails

Fake Nails

My Nails 
My real nails is a photo i took this morning after ripping off my acrylics last night.. yep, it hurt. 

Feb 22, 2012

Feb 21, 2012

Vroom Vroom

On Sunday hubby & I bought a new car - YAY! We hadn't been looking for very long - maybe about a week?! You wouldn't believe it, but we test drove so many cars, and at the end of it, we ended up buying the very first car we saw. Could have saved our selves so many hours... 

My one tip that I must share with anyone who is thinking about buying a car (in Australia) - www.carhistory.com.au. I cant stress how important it is to do a 'background' check on the car you are hoping to buy. This website provides you with a report which shows if the car has any finance against it, and if it has been in any major accidents.We used this website to conduct a background check on 2 cars that we were thinking of purchasing. Both cars showed that they had been in major accidents and been a write off twice! We also completed the same search of the car we did end up buying, and everything came back ok. Its just peace of mind really. 

So, without further ado, I give you our car x

Promise I will give you a better photo when I get one

Our new baby - Audi A4
I need to think of a name for our car, any ideas for me?

Feb 20, 2012

Success of the yellow dress

So its Monday again.. Another working week has begun. Hopefully this week will be a good week at work for me. I have a couple of projects that I am working on, so hopefully my productivity pays off! 

I mentioned on Friday in this blog post, that I was having a girls night on Saturday.. Well, I couldn't have asked for a better night. My outfit came off without a hitch, my yellow dress looked fantastic- if I do say so myself! 

Dinner at Atom Thai in Newtown was great, service was pleasant as always, food was very tasty and the right size portion. I had the Vegetable Pad See Ew (Im getting hungry just thinking about it). After dinner, half us girls headed on over to the Ivy Pool for some drinks and dancing. 

Below are some pics x

The girls at Ivy Pool

Shining bright in my
yellow dress 

Feb 18, 2012


Saturday night quickie with Chuck Bass.. Isn't he just amazing?!

Feb 17, 2012

Girls night

Finally after trying to organise this for about 2 months, we are having a girls night! Woo Hoo!

We have booked dinner at a restaurant in Newtown called Atom Thai. We have been there before and loved it, so we are going again. Plus, its BYO with no corkage charge! Then we will probably head on over to the Ivy depending on the weather.. Should be a fun night out. I have really missed my girls.

Im thinking of outfits I can wear, and have come up with this combination. I haven't tried it all on yet, so tomorrow when im getting ready, I will seriously be hoping I can pull this off. I have no plan B if plan A doesn't work... Wish me luck, and ill post some pics up early next week of our night out.

Dress from Supre (not inc. the jewellery), Blazer from Forcast
Necklace from Diva, Shoes from Therapy 

Feb 14, 2012

Saint Valentine!

I know that there are a lot of people who will say that today is just an ordinary day, and that today was created by Hallmark to make more money and all that kind of jazz. Me personally? I don't mind having one day a year where I can celebrate my love to my beautiful husband even more than I do every other day.

Recently we have had so much drama around us with some really dodgy friends (who are no longer friends). Its strange how sometimes something bad has to happen to make you have a look around to see who is the person standing next to you supporting you through it. We are closer than ever, and our relationship stronger than ever, and for that I want to tell my hubby that I appreciate his love for me.

Trouble in Paris.. Update!

Guess what? No more Trouble in Paris! I blogged here about not being able to find a hotel in Paris, and that i wanted to book the right hotel... Well.. We found it! 

Its in a great location, beautiful clean rooms, and great reviews! 

We booked the Hotel La Belle Juliette in Saint Germain des Pres. The room we booked is the Double Superior Room. 

Here are some pics to make you just a little bit jealous. 

Double Superior Room 

Double Superior Room 

The Breakfast Room 


Feb 12, 2012


Really feel like baking some yummy cupcakes today.. Best way to enjoy a Sunday I think!

Vanilla with strawberry has to be my favourite, or maybe sticky date.. what's yours?

Feb 11, 2012


Saturday night quickie with Kate Beckinsale... Such a beauty!

Fell in love with Kate when I first watched
Pearl Harbour! One on my fave movies.. 

Feb 10, 2012


I haven't posted much this week, Hubby & I have been feeling really sick this week. I decided I would self diagnose via Google.. turns out I have E.Coli!! YUK! Thanks Dr. Google!

So I rested, drank fluids, watched movies, and read blogs.

Here is what got me through it all!

Watching trashy TV

Catching up on Hollywood Gossip

Snoozing on the couch with my little Oscar! 

Soothing Peppermint tea