Feb 21, 2012

Vroom Vroom

On Sunday hubby & I bought a new car - YAY! We hadn't been looking for very long - maybe about a week?! You wouldn't believe it, but we test drove so many cars, and at the end of it, we ended up buying the very first car we saw. Could have saved our selves so many hours... 

My one tip that I must share with anyone who is thinking about buying a car (in Australia) - www.carhistory.com.au. I cant stress how important it is to do a 'background' check on the car you are hoping to buy. This website provides you with a report which shows if the car has any finance against it, and if it has been in any major accidents.We used this website to conduct a background check on 2 cars that we were thinking of purchasing. Both cars showed that they had been in major accidents and been a write off twice! We also completed the same search of the car we did end up buying, and everything came back ok. Its just peace of mind really. 

So, without further ado, I give you our car x

Promise I will give you a better photo when I get one

Our new baby - Audi A4
I need to think of a name for our car, any ideas for me?


The Bombshell Next Door said...

Super cute!!! I love it congratulations :) love the blog

Milena said...

Thanks =)