Feb 28, 2012

Weekend that was

I had such a lovely weekend with my family and friends.. Friday night I cuddled at home with my hubby, Saturday  I was at the beach with my sis, Saturday night went for massages and dinner with my girls, and on Sunday we had a picnic with my family.

Did I mention that I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy this weekend? Talk about a successful weekend!!

Here are some pics of the weekend that was...

My beach essentials! Love Marie Claire, best magazine! 
Breakfast for 1 on Saturday as Hubby was at work.
Bacon, roast tomato, scrambled eggs,  pita bread & ajvar
(Macedonian spread made from capsicum & eggplant.... YUM)
Being silly at the beach with my sis - Love you! 
Yep, enjoying the sun =) 
My hubby's breakfast I made him on Sunday
Cinnamon French toast with mixed fruit and honey
He scoffed this down in 2 minutes.. He really enjoyed it =) 

Hey Mr Oscar,
Your so naughty for falling asleep on the coffee table, you know
your not allowed there. But your so damn cute!
Love, your mumma xo

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Georgia Giraffina said...

I love Mr. Oscar!
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