Feb 3, 2012

Trouble in Paris

How about some help for your fellow blogger?

Im struggling to find accommodation in Paris for our Europe trip. I don't know why im stressing so much about it. I guess I just feel that because im in Paris, and that's kind of the ultimate romantic destination, I need to find the perfect hotel. I do want it to be in a great location, with friendly staff, and to be well furnished, big comfy bed, and reasonably priced.. Is this asking for too much?

Knowing my luck, ill probably stuff this up and the accommodation we book will be dreadful.. So im coming to you for help! If you have stayed in a hotel that sounds like that please let me know!



Hotel Athenee

Marriot Champs Elysees

Mandarin Oriental 

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Adrijana said...

I love the look of the Ritz. So romantic and exactly what comes to mind when I think of Paris.