Feb 17, 2012

Girls night

Finally after trying to organise this for about 2 months, we are having a girls night! Woo Hoo!

We have booked dinner at a restaurant in Newtown called Atom Thai. We have been there before and loved it, so we are going again. Plus, its BYO with no corkage charge! Then we will probably head on over to the Ivy depending on the weather.. Should be a fun night out. I have really missed my girls.

Im thinking of outfits I can wear, and have come up with this combination. I haven't tried it all on yet, so tomorrow when im getting ready, I will seriously be hoping I can pull this off. I have no plan B if plan A doesn't work... Wish me luck, and ill post some pics up early next week of our night out.

Dress from Supre (not inc. the jewellery), Blazer from Forcast
Necklace from Diva, Shoes from Therapy 


Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

You pulled this dress off perfectly! I love yellow dresses

Milena said...

Thanks Amy. I love bright colours.

Thanks for stopping by!