Jan 27, 2012

Cinnamon Buns

Hey All,

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far. (its Friday, Yippee!) Last night at around 9pm I decided to bake some cinnamon buns. Yes, at 9pm, yes, im crazy, but so what? Dont lie and tell me you have never done the same thing.. Oh, you haven't? its just me that's crazy? Im talking to my self aren't I? Wow I really am crazy!

Ok, anyway, back to my cinnamon buns..

I followed a recipe I found at 101cookbooks..

It was pretty easy to follow, although considering I have never ever baked any kind of dough, and never used yeast in anything, I did have to call my mum to ask if I was doing things right.. Anywho, I promised mum I would take some progress pics for her to show her how great of a baker I am. Here are those pics.. **Just FYI - if they didn't turn out great there was no way I would be blogging about this.. hehe

Here is my dough BR (before rising)
It doesnt look very promising, but i promise it gets better! 

Here is the dough after it has risen
See, told you it gets better! 

Here is what it looked like after i flattened it into rectangles added the butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, rolled it and cut it
I know, once again it doesn't look the best, and they are not
all equal in size and shape, but stay with me, they get better!

This is how they looked whilst baking
Getting hungry yet? Im drooling on my keyboard... 

Ta-Da!!! The finished result! They turned out fantastic! Hubby and I loved them, in fact I loved them so much I ate 3 when I took the out of the oven, sleep walked over to the kitchen at 4am and ate another one, then had another TWO when I got up to go to work this morning at 7.30!!!!! YIKES! Actually I think ill go have another one now...
Yummy cinammon goodness... get in my belly!!!!

Jan 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day!

Hope all my Aussies are having a fabulous Australia Day!

How are you celebrating?

Jan 25, 2012

Seek and you shall find

So I have been on the hunt for some good blogs at the moment. Whether they are about life, food or home decorating I have been searching. Not fashion blogs though, I follow plenty of fashion blogs.

I want some well written, motivational blogs where I can feel like their is some personalisation.

I didn't think I would find any, but I did!

Here are the links to some great blogs/websites I have recently found and love =)

**If you have any suggestions of blogs that i should check out please let me know!








Jan 24, 2012


Such a long day at work today.. Hubby is sick at the moment with a bad virus so he kept me up most of the night =(

Today I started drinking dandelion root roasted tea as I have researched and found out its great for bloating, and at the moment im going to need heaps of this stuff!

But anyway... Check out this little cutie pie! It was way too quiet at our place last night, so when I went to see where my little boy was, I found him on his back, staring at the ceiling!

Mama loves you my little Oscar!

Jan 20, 2012

Caution: On-line shopping danger ahead!

So it was kind of dangerous coming across this sale!

Im known to go a little crazy when im on-line shopping..

Enter this website at your own risk! hehe...

So hubby has left with the boys for Melbourne this weekend. Im  fantasising about a quiet night at home with a great bottle of wine, delicious dinner, and a movie... I will miss you hubby, but a weekend to myself is just what the doctor ordered =) Hope you all have a lovely weekend x 

Jan 19, 2012

Europe... update!

So, after my last blog post letting you know that we have booked flights to Europe, we have booked a few more things for our trip!

We have booked our accommodation in Nice, we are staying at the Hotel Negresco for 2 nights. We have also booked our accommodation in Mykonos. We are staying at the Adonis Hotel which is ranked number 2 on tripadvisor. Im so excited!!

Now we are looking at booking accommodation in Cannes and Paris. We have discovered that the morning we land in Paris is also the last day of the Tour de France race. How fun!!

Only 184 days until ultimate European bliss =)

At my hens weekend 2 years ago.
Looking forward to more fun photos in EUROPE!

Home is where the heart is

Ahh im so excited! On Saturday I will be going shopping for a few things that I need for around our home. Hubby will be going on a boys weekend away to Melbourne, so I have recruited my beautiful sister with me to come house shopping.

We moved into our apartment about 15 months ago, and although I love how it looks at the moment, I decided that I want to add some decorative pieces to our apartment to make it feel more homely and finished.

So excited!

Here are some pics that are motivating me to be a bit more creative at home with my decorating.

Pics from weheartit

Jan 16, 2012

Rocking Stone

**Note: This post requires minimal words due to the pure beauty that is Emma Stone!

GG 2012

Im really disappointed with the fashion from this years Golden Globes red carpet..

My fave is Elle Macpherson

My not-so-bad choices

My what were you thinking choices

Jan 12, 2012

Give me more...!

Slightly obsessed with Nicole Richie...

Resistance fitness

Recently I have been thinking about my fitness level quite alot, have been googling fitness, watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, and im now blogging about it. For years I have been spending money on useless gym memberships without going, or feeling like im getting any results... After reading up on it, I have decided to try resistance bands at home. 

I logged into eBay, found what I needed and voilĂ ! 2 days later they are delivered to my office and I am itching to leave work, go home and try them.

I purchased a 5 band beginners set from Fight Fitness. It cost me $39.95, free delivery. 

Here they are-

I have been looking at workouts on line, but cant seem to find any real good websites that explain how to properly use resistance bands... Have you used resistance bands and have any great tips for me? Would love to hear from you?! 


Jan 11, 2012

oopsy daisy!

YIKES! Its been some time since I have posted huh? My deepest, sincerest apologies blogworld! I have been holidaying on the Gold Coast and have forgotten that the real world existed. I was way too busy laying by the pool with a cocktail in hand to notice exactly how much time has actually passed... ahhh aint life grand??

Although, now that I am back to reality, I think I should once again get my arse into gear and start blogging again.

So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Merry Orthodox Christmas!!!

My new years resolution this year is to put myself first! And im making sure this sticks for the rest of my life xx

This will be my best year yet!!!