Jan 12, 2012

Resistance fitness

Recently I have been thinking about my fitness level quite alot, have been googling fitness, watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, and im now blogging about it. For years I have been spending money on useless gym memberships without going, or feeling like im getting any results... After reading up on it, I have decided to try resistance bands at home. 

I logged into eBay, found what I needed and voilà! 2 days later they are delivered to my office and I am itching to leave work, go home and try them.

I purchased a 5 band beginners set from Fight Fitness. It cost me $39.95, free delivery. 

Here they are-

I have been looking at workouts on line, but cant seem to find any real good websites that explain how to properly use resistance bands... Have you used resistance bands and have any great tips for me? Would love to hear from you?! 


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