Jan 27, 2012

Cinnamon Buns

Hey All,

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far. (its Friday, Yippee!) Last night at around 9pm I decided to bake some cinnamon buns. Yes, at 9pm, yes, im crazy, but so what? Dont lie and tell me you have never done the same thing.. Oh, you haven't? its just me that's crazy? Im talking to my self aren't I? Wow I really am crazy!

Ok, anyway, back to my cinnamon buns..

I followed a recipe I found at 101cookbooks..

It was pretty easy to follow, although considering I have never ever baked any kind of dough, and never used yeast in anything, I did have to call my mum to ask if I was doing things right.. Anywho, I promised mum I would take some progress pics for her to show her how great of a baker I am. Here are those pics.. **Just FYI - if they didn't turn out great there was no way I would be blogging about this.. hehe

Here is my dough BR (before rising)
It doesnt look very promising, but i promise it gets better! 

Here is the dough after it has risen
See, told you it gets better! 

Here is what it looked like after i flattened it into rectangles added the butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, rolled it and cut it
I know, once again it doesn't look the best, and they are not
all equal in size and shape, but stay with me, they get better!

This is how they looked whilst baking
Getting hungry yet? Im drooling on my keyboard... 

Ta-Da!!! The finished result! They turned out fantastic! Hubby and I loved them, in fact I loved them so much I ate 3 when I took the out of the oven, sleep walked over to the kitchen at 4am and ate another one, then had another TWO when I got up to go to work this morning at 7.30!!!!! YIKES! Actually I think ill go have another one now...
Yummy cinammon goodness... get in my belly!!!!

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Adrijana said...

They tasted amazing! I think you should make some more ;-)