Feb 23, 2012

Real v Fake

I have had acrylic nails on and off since I was 16 years old. I can never decide which I like best, and my poor nails pay for it! When I get my acrylic nails applied I always wonder how i lived without them, and then when I have had enough, I rip them off (ouch) and wonder why I ever put my nails through it. 

Just the thought of sitting at a nail salon every 3 weeks to have my nails done bores me to tears.. Not to mention the cost of getting the acrylics done... But then, the end result, lush long, shiny nails.. If you get  a good nail artist that is.. 

Lets not forget to mention how easily real nails can chip, the nail polish can peel, and then you can be stuck re painting them every few days (especially if you clean as much as I do, then real nails are just useless), but lets also mention the joy of growing all your nails the same length, giving yourself a manicure and practically walking around shoving your nails in the face of strangers so they can also appreciate them.. 

Yeah, I know, first world problems.. But anyway, let me know what you prefer.. real or fake? 

Real Nails

Fake Nails

My Nails 
My real nails is a photo i took this morning after ripping off my acrylics last night.. yep, it hurt. 


Leonor said...

I am in love with the Mimosa from Chanel!! must have it!! :)


The Bombshell Next Door said...

Just take a short break from the acrylics give them a breather :)

lucia m said...

i like real nails :)


Georgia Giraffina said...

Lovely nail art! Love the glitter tipped ones. I'm a much bigger fan of real nails too :)
See you soon!
Flower Show,

Dena said...

Nice post hun!
Style LimeLight

Milena said...

Its a beautiful colour!

Thanks for stopping by.

Milena said...

Thanks Lucia, I think I prefer natural too =)

Thanks for stopping by.

Milena said...

Im a sucker for anything glitter. When my real nails grow, glitter is the next nail art im going to try.

Thanks for stopping by.

Milena said...

Thanks Dena!


Milena said...

Yep, they definitely need a break!

Thanks for stopping by.

Laura said...

Love this post! Check out sally hanson's gold glitter nail art, they work so well!
Adore the salmon pink nail varnish too!

Laura x