Oct 5, 2011

Third time lucky!

This will be my third time lucky with my blog - I hope! I have started 2 before this that I never persisted with, so they have vanished into blogobvlivion.

Here is a little bit about me: My name is Milena, I am 24 years old, turning 25 next week. I am married and celebrated my 1 year anniversary in June this year. I am a qualified professional Makeup Artist and a Personal Assistant. I am a big believer in karma and tend to live by this - 'How people treat you is their karma, how you respond is yours'. I have a beautiful older sister who I love to bits, an amazing mum and equally amazing dad who I don't get to see as much as I would like. My hubby and I have the love of our life- a beautiful white domestic long hair cat. He goes by many names such as Oscar, Carlez, Bupi, Monster.. we can call him many names as he is deaf, so don't worry he doesn't get confused that he has so many names. Most white hair, blue eyed cats are deaf.  I'm sure there is much more I can say, but that's the basics. 

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner, so as well as starting this blog today, I am also putting together the menu for tonight. I'm thinking: Entrée- cherry tomato, bocconcini , spinach tarts Main- Chicken schnitzel parmigiana with a garden salad Dessert- maybe a chocolate pudding? Haven't decided on dessert yet. Ill take some pics and let you know how it all turned out. 

Ill leave you with a picture of our beautiful Oscar x

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