Oct 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yep that's right kiddies, its my birthday today. The big 2-5! Whoa! that's a fairly significant number hey?!

I feel like something earth shakingly awesome should have happened today to mark this milestone in my life. The Queen could send me a telegram wishing me a splendid birthday, McDonald's could deliver a complimentary ice cream cake (yum), David Beckham could ask me out on a birthday dinner date, Richard Branson could lend me a private plane for the weekend? A girl could hope...

Its been a fairly ordinary day, work from 8.30-4.30 and dinner with hubby tonight. Fairly standard, except for the fact that I am now on the other side of 20, the side inching closer to 30.. Kinda makes me think about how the first half of my twenties have passed me by. I first felt a little worthless thinking about it. Then I remembered how awesome I am and my mood changed.. after all I have:

  1. Completed a Makeup Artistry course at the Academy of Makeup
  2. Effectively run my own freelance Makeup business - Makeup by Miss M
  3. Got engaged to the love of my life
  4. Married that lucky man
  5. Trampled across America on our honeymoon for 4 weeks
  6. Adopted my beautiful little Oscar 
  7. Bought our own apartment 
  8. Furnished that apartment
  9. Successfully celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary
  10. Quit my hopeless job at Deloitte 
  11. Found my amazing job at AIPA as a Personal Assistant 
  12. Fixed my car that was badly beaten up 
  13. Celebrated my beautiful sisters wedding
  14. Patched up forgotten friendships that are now strong and supportive
Life is certainly great, lets hope the next half of the twenties is just as fabulous and exciting. 

I love my life xx

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