Oct 8, 2011

Retail therapy

Hey guys!
So i spent my Friday night cleaning out my wardrobe. I threw out a whole lot of old clothes that didn't fit anymore. Looking at those clothes i realised that i was buying clothes that didn't really suit my body and weren't really my style. So i decided that i will try to remedy that. I decided that i will slowly change my wardrobe to suit my body. Its the reason i used to stand at my wardrobe wondering what to wear, it wasn't because i "had nothing to wear" which was the usual excuse i used, it was "i have nothing that suits my body".
My hubby and I went to Sydney CBD, to the new Pitt St Mall and decided to spend some hard earned cash to help me feel better about my little revelation to myself last night.
Below are the pics of what i purchased today. We are are going out to dinner tonight so i want to wear something new that i bought. Ill take a pic and post it up later in the weekend. Hope your all having a lovely Saturday xx

Purchased from Collete for $49.95
Faux leather with silver studs, and diamonte skull

Purchased from Tempt for $19.95
Leapord front,  black sheer back with split and ties up

Purchased from Tempt for $14.95
White and yellow striped top cropped just above bellybutton

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