Apr 1, 2012

Easter Eggs

So im of the Macedonian Orthodox religion, this means we celebrate Easter according to the Old Calendar. This year our Easter is on the weekend of 14 April. Each year we follow many traditions, my fave being the dying of the eggs. My dad told me that if you dye your eggs on the Thursday before Easter, before the sun comes up, then they will never go off. Interesting, but not sure i believe it (and not game to try it). 
Last year was the first year I did it on my own as it was my first year living out of home. I didn't get to creative last year, I dyed the eggs the typical colours of red, blue and green. I bought some stick on pearls from an arts and crafts shop, and placed them in the initial of the person who i was giving the eggs to. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of them =(

Im already thinking of things to try this year for the decoration of my Easter Eggs. Here are a few ideas I have. 

Marbelized Easter Eggs

Sticker print Easter Eggs

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Leaf print Easter Eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs


Adrijana said...

Such pretty eggs :-)
I like the melted crayon ones

Sacred and Profane Designs said...

Glittery eggs! How genius! How didn't I think of that???