Apr 20, 2012

Glitter eggs

Yeah, this post is kind of delayed. Should probably have posted it last week, but i have been a little lazy.. I guess its better late than never though, right?!

I made Glitter Easter Eggs for our Orthodox Easter. I wanted to try something different. It want easy. I had glitter everywhere in my apartment afterwards! 

Maybe this could also be something fun to do if you have some young kids? 

Here is how it went down. 

This is all you need to glitter your eggs. Pretty good considering
the result you will achieve. 

The glitter was so fine, just how I wanted it.
1. Clean eggs with paper towel
2. Rub on craft glue all over the egg - I just used my fingers
3. Roll egg in glitter to make sure its all covered.
4. Leave egg to dry on baking paper

The eggs are finished and drying. Quite simple really...