Apr 2, 2012

Outfits for Europe

Every time I think of my Europe holiday I always think about how its my once in a lifetime holiday. How im so lucky to be going. How im going to really enjoy the European sun! Then I start thinking that I want to take heaps of photos while im there to remember absolutely every little detail. Then I start thinking about how I want to look in my photos, how I want to be proud of my photos. Then I start thinking about what outfits I would like to have while in Europe. Im a planner you see, I don't ever just throw anything into my suitcase and hope it goes. No. I plan all my outfits. Put them on, take photos of them on my phone. That way when I get to my destination, I can just flip through my phone to find my outfit rather that standing in front of my wardrobe (i.e. suitcase).

Here are some pics I have seen, and thought, "Damn, I wish I had that outfit, it would be perfect for my Europe holiday"

Anyone know where I can get this?

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Adrijana said...

Amazing outfits!! Perfect for Europe.