Nov 11, 2011

Dream Home

Ok, so following on from yesterday's post, I have included inspirational pictures of what I want my dream home to look like. As you will see, my dream home is a warehouse conversion.

From what I have so far researched, im going to need a bigger pay packet and possibly a winning lottery ticket to manifest this dream house into a reality, possibly a sugar daddy even?

If I found a warehouse worthy of converting, the conversation might go a little something like this:-

ME: Warehouse conversion, I love you! Will you marry me Warehouse Conversion?

WAREHOUSE CONVERSION(WC): Maybe... you know im high in demand right? Im playing hard to get..

ME: I know this! Its why we are meant to be together. I respect that others want you.

WC: Im a long term commitment, i require attention to detail.

ME: I promise we will live happily ever after, I promise to not hang ugly drapes over your big windows, I promise to admire your exposed red brick walls every day, I promise to hang a delicate chandelier from your exposed beams, I promise to put luxuriously soft rugs on your polished concrete floors, I promise to cosy up on a wing chair and light your fireplace, I promise to have a bookshelf on at least one wall from your floor to high ceiling, I promise to fill your open spaces with tasteful modern pieces of furniture.. Baby, we are a match made in heaven!

This is the part where if we were in Hollywood, we would fall madly in love with each other, there might even be some kind of background music playing, a narrator would start wrapping up the story, and then we would kiss...

Pictures are from google


Adrijana said...

I'm in Love! Amazing pics!

Jen Umm said...

I saw this on an interior decoration website and it was one of my favourite designs because it is so rustic. the old and new joins to create such a homely environment


love these pictures!!wanna follow each other?