Nov 17, 2011

A few things...

Just a few things that I should probably tell you all about.

1. I finally went to the new Ikea in Tempe last night. Boy was I impressed! Parking was easy, the over powering crowds were non existent, the range of food in the restaurant was more impressive than the Homebush store, I got a free coffee as part of the Ikea Family, and I bought some pretty cool things.
I think that Ikea is great for people who have just recently moved out of home or are looking at starting all over again  Unfortunately I am neither, I am the girl who just goes to Ikea to buy stuff I don't actually need, but buy it just cause its from Ikea. Kinda sad, I know.. but im sure im not the only person who does this

2. Im going to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn tomorrow night. I don't know if there are any words in the English language- or any language in fact - that can describe how I feel about this. I can no longer contain my excitement, not only have I talked everyone's ears of in the office and emailed everyone the trailer, I am now also blogging about it. The only thing left is to update my Twitter and Facebook!

3. I only have 26 work days left until the office closes for Christmas and New Year holidays! YAY

Anyway, here is what I bought from Ikea
$4.99 shelf insert. great for extra storage in the pantry!

$4.99/ pack of 4. These little (5cm ) bowls are great for serving soy sauce or chilli flakes 

$4.99 vegetable peeler

$6.99  Tray 

$12.99 Cotton pad holder

See what I mean when I say I buy completely random stuff? There were other things I could have bought very easily, but I managed to control myself!

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