Nov 2, 2011

Chocolate Lovers High Tea

So much anticipation and outfit preparation went in to the organisation for the 'Chocolate Lovers High Tea' that I booked for my sister's birthday.

The day came and passed, we laughed, chatted, caught up on some gossip, and created a beautiful memory. That is what I love so much about spending time with my family- the memories we create when we are together.

I surprised my sister by also bringing along our mumma for the day. Here are some pics of the special day.

At the front of my sisters place before heading out

Mum and me and the Water Bar - Woolloomooloo

Sis and I at the Water Bar

The yummy food that was served. Thought there would
be a lot more chocolate options as it was advertised as a
Chocolate Lovers High Tea

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Adrijana said...

It was such a beautiful day, xox