Nov 7, 2011

In a 'world travelling' state of mind

Hubby and I have been discussing travelling next year. Everytime I think about it, I feel like I cant get air into my lungs fast enough, my skin tingles, and I get all euphoric about it. Im so excited to plan this trip.

There are so many places I want to go to, new cities, and cities I have already seen. We are going to go travelling with another couple so we all decided to pick a country each, and go there. One picked Greece, another England, hubby picked Macedonia (where we were both born, and still have lots of family). I want to pick Spain, but I also want to go to France, Italy, Portugal... How do i choose just one country?

Here are the pics motivating me to pick Spain... keep your fingers crossed that my budgeting works and this holiday gets booked as soon as possible!


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

I love your blog, you have great photos and you write nice. old bookmark :)
visit me friend!

Adrijana said...

This makes me want to travel...
Beautiful pics,