Nov 10, 2011


I have literally spent about 6 hours today on the internet looking at different websites of home design. I came across 2 websites with the most phenomenal (yes, you read that right - phenomenal) houses and apartments.

I will do 2 separate posts. This one will be of all my favourite pics that I found from both websites, the next post will be my dream home (I will do this post tomorrow, im running out of time today).

Pictures are from - desiretoinspire and homedsgn

If you do anything today, it should be checking out these websites. I have so many ideas with what I would like to do with my apartment/future home thanks to them.

I love the colour of the drapes!

That bed!!!!!

My favourite thing about this is the drum coffee table
and the colour palette used

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Under the Fluorescents said...

the room with all the windows would be my ideal living space! so open and such a great view! new post up right now, check it out :)