Nov 8, 2011

Its my year!

I cant believe that this year is almost over. How quickly have 11 months passed!

Here is a look at my year so far:

My mum and me at my cousin Zorans 30th birthday 

Hubby & I at a friends wedding

Hubby and I - Earlier this year at a friends pool party

Meet Burlesque Milena - Playing dress ups at a
friend birthday 

Hubby and I at another wedding 

Having breakfast at Nelsons Bay 

With my seriously beautiful sister
Celebrating my 25th birthday 

Dinner at Thairrific 

Shopping with my sister on Oxford St, Paddington

Wondering around the coffee festival in the city 

Supporting my nephew at his soccer match

With hubby at my brother in laws birthday

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Under the Fluorescents said...

looks like you have had a great year! thanks for the sweet comment :)